Journée Des Doctorants (JDD)


23 November 2017

Every year the CNRS-CORIA lab organizes a festival for young and senior scientists of all fields: the Journée des Doctorants (JDD) festival. It offers PhD students the opportunity to disseminate their research work to a wide scientific audience.

On that occasion Mr. Anirudh Asuri Mukundan (ESR 7 at the CNRS-CORIA lab) presented his research work at the HAoS project to Master and PhD students, senior researchers and professors from various scientific fields.

ESR 7 presented the research objectives of the HAoS project, the motivation behind the research conducted and the contribution of HAoS to the development of the injection in propulsion engines. He also presented the scientific and technical details of his specific work in the HAoS project focusing on computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Finally, he used scientific examples to illustrate the moment of fluid (MOF) method and various numerical schemes employed for simulating the fuel injection in internal combustion (IC) engines and gas turbines.

The audience appreciated the scientific depth of the research involved in the HAoS project and the impact of this research on the development of new fuel injection technologies that lead to less pollution emissions.