Math is my path

Berlin school

19 December 2016

Mr Marco Fistler (ESR13/ Chalmers University of Technology) visited the Georg-Herwegh Gymnasium in Berlin aiming to arouse the interest of his former math teacher ‘s students in science; he wanted to awake their curiosity with physics problems that can be solved with maths.

In the first part of his presentation he introduced the 18 – year – old students to the research objectives of the HAoS project and to his own research field. He used easy examples to present combustion engines and injection of sprays.


In the second part he focused on Computational Fluid Design (CFD). He caught their attention with colourful pictures of aerodynamic studies related to racing cars or sprays and used the students’ prior-knowledge in maths to present them differential equations and simple numerical schemes.


The students were pleasantly surprised by the fact that they could understand the info provided and Mr Fistler received a very good feedback. In the discussion after the presentation they showed great interest in scientific research and they left the classroom considering the possibility to take a research related career path.