Why in the EU?

9 January 2019


 How is the life of a PhD student in Sweden?
 How does the research conducted in HAoS tackle global challenges?
 How does the international dimension of the EU projects contribute to a successful outcome?

These were the main topics of the presentation that Mr Jiayi Zhou’s (ESR2 / CHALMERS) delivered at the Tianjin University, in Tianjin, China. He talked about his daily life as a PhD student in Sweden, how the university departments are organized at Chalmers, the international environment he is working in, how the HAoS project is organized, the EU funding, how the project tackles global challenges, and why international collaboration is important. The 20 bachelor and master students that attended the presentation were curious for even more details: why in Sweden, how is the weather in Sweden, how does one cope with the foreign language, more information about the opportunity to study abroad funded by an EU project… And the detailed answers of Mr Jiayi Zhou encouraged the students to search for research related job opportunities abroad.