Researcher? Yes, why not?


4 August 2018

Mr Milad Heidari Koochi (ESR 1) visited in August 2018 the National Organisation for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) in Shiraz, Iran. NODET is Mr Koochi’s former high school. He aimed to motivate the students that were in their final school year getting ready for the national university entrance exams towards a research related career.

Mr Koochi presented his research topic in the HAoS project and the funding opportunities for young researchers in Europe, focusing on the Marie Curie Actions. Additionally, he presented the profile of the modern researcher and encouraged the 21 students to learn foreign languages, develop their communication skills and become collaborative and open minded.

To measure the impact of his activity Mr Koochi had prepared a questionnaire that was given to the students after the presentation. The ESR was very pleased to find out that almost 40% of them showed interest in the research area of the ESR’s project and that 90% wanted to have more information about the funding opportunities for young researchers in Europe. Equally impressive was the fact that 33% of the students had never thought of becoming a researcher before the visit of the HAoS ESR.